We take this opportunity to introduce M/s ASI SEA CARGO SERVICES LLC to your esteemed organization ASI SEA CARGO SERVICES LLC is a global shipping company based in the Middle East (U.A.E). Founded in 2018,

The company is the largest container loading & Unloading in the Middle East region. ASI SEA CARGO SERVICES LLC offers global client-base. Safe packaging, loading and unloading of your shipping fragile shipment & Bulk Shipment containers is a process that takes tact, strength, and the right equipment our services are ideal for.


Creates an effective and educated workforce, leading to a sense of community. We consider this imperative to success. We work together as a team, while also working closely with clients and candidates to achieve optimum results.


At ASI SEA CARGO SERVICES LLC we understand the responsibility we have to our clients and candidates alike. Both retention and commitment are crucial to enhance profitable growth for you our clients.


The consultants at ASI SEA CARGO SERVICES LLC guarantee exceptional customer service. They hold client’s requests at the core of their Customer satisfaction are vital.


Our mission is to manage talent for sustainable growth, in order to build intimate relationships of enduring value. We endeavor to be considered a trusted and valuable company. We will continue to acquire relevant information and expand our knowledge and expertise to ensure this.


Cargo Loading & Loading services

Containers Loading Unloading Services

20 foot Container

40 foot Container

A} Packing Helper

B} Warehousing re-arranging Helper

C} Loading & Unloading Helper

D} Event & Exhibition Helper

E} Stacking Helper

F} Cleaning Labor

G} Delivery Helper

H} Office & Warehouse Shifting Helper

Other Services

Warehousing Re-arranging

Cargo Packing

Sea Cargo Services

Air Cargo services

Why Choose for Your Solution?

Each member of our extensive staff carries an average of 10 years of experience in the Logistics industry. They have worked on the toughest jobs. It's difficult to find the same level of trust, teamwork, and experience that you receive at ASI SEA CARGO SERVICES LLC from other companies in the Logistics industry. We're so excited to show you how deeply you can count on our expertise to cover every aspect of Shipping, loading and unloading and included all services that we are offering.

We're on call as often as possible to make sure that when a problem arises, there's someone available to solve it. Not every shipment goes as planned, but the team at ASI SEA CARGO SERVICES LLC has seen the best and the worst of the shipping world and has learned how to handle even the most challenging situations.