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Doing Recruitment For Over 10 Years

We are A.S. International HR Consultants

Our deep understanding of the enterprise psyche, coupled with multi-dimensional analytical technique enables us to assess issues and suggest solution approaches in alignment with a global vision.

Our experience of nearly ten years in the Indian environment to create powerful tools for assessing the organizational climate, employee attitude, employee morale, motivation and commitment to the organizational goals and advising the corporate world about remedial solutions.

We have catered over 5000+ candidates to various companies for different jobs this year.

Last year we have supplied over 2000 candidates to the companies in the World.
Recruitment Screening

We have the most standard practice of screening and preparing candidatures as per requirement criteria:

We are inclined towards understanding, assessment and appraisal of clients need and requirements.

All the job aspirants are given detail of the company and job profile, which helps them in decision-making and preparation.

A thorough HR validation and competency analysis is conducted at our end before scheduling them for interview.

Out effort towards careful and researched perusal of company’s profile, activities, future plans, background of the job and its scope, helps us searching, for the exactly matching candidature.

An advance questionnaire is prepared for aiming imploration of all in depth aspects of candite’s total personality covering his/her competence, commitment & cultural (adaptability) levels.


How we Perform &
The Basic Formalities

A much defined process spans into four distinct stages-Initialization, Transition, Operation and Rela-tionship Management. Equal importance is given to all our stage activities defined for each stage. The Process goes in the following manner:-

We will send “ORIGINAL JOB ORDER – Demand Letter” referring full information of our Agent pre-planned intake of manpower requirements from the Country with the following details.

Our Databank Network

We have a wide network of varied level professionals and know where to find leadership talents. Overseas Vacancy Ltd draws on the world’s latest techniques and research, coupled with its proactive experience of using powerful tools for finding and assessing the exact match as per the required criteria.

Our database comprises both soft and hard copies of resumes of at least 80,000 in soft and 20,000 in hard copies.

Based on our understanding of candidates and client’s profile, the resumes are categorized and coded in a large cross-section of skills and specialties and stored in a proprietary storage and retrievals system. The resumes received for induction in the databank are screened and codified as per our rating and classification system enables a short initial discussion with the candidate, wherever feasible

The documents from us are pre-requisite to obtain approval for recruitment from the Labor Offices for each and every country, which we are recruiting. Your confirmation should be in conformity with the JOB ORDER issued to you. Beside this we provide the following services to our customers.

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